Energy Systems for the Built Environment

Interaction Design and Energy

Climate adaptation of large-scale hydropower systems under environmental constraints

Sustainable electric power systems

LCA based methodology for spatial and temporal variation of climate impactfrom biobased energy

Albedo related climate effects from Swedish bioenergy crops and cropping systems – land based measurements

Climate impact of cropping systems including satellite-based albedo

Climate impact of bioenergy due to greenhouse gases and surface albedo

Sustainable Hydropower

Sustainable Offshore Wind Power

Law, Sustainable Energy Use and Protection of Cultural Heritage

Energy Systems and Environmental Assessment

Electricity Market Research Group (EMReG)

Smart grid implementation in India


Citizens Communication Platform – LocalLife

Smart Energy City in Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability and Industrial dynamics

Electric Vehicles: Technology Perception, User Experience and Urban Implications

Sustainable hydropower in a changing energy system and water environment

The dynamics of collaborating in the development of technologies such as those related to renewable energy sources

Energy system transitions

Landscape planning of forests

Driving forces for Change in People’s Energy Consuming Behavior

Solar power variability assessment and modeling

Wind Power in Forest II (Forestwind)

Divergence and convergence: the political economy of nuclear power and energy transition in the UK and France

Sustainable hydropower in a renewable energy system, fluctuating climate and with environmental constraints

Energy Systems

Electricity Markets

Human-social choices and decisions with application to sustainability transition

The role of users in smart grids