Albedo related climate effects from Swedish bioenergy crops and cropping systems–land based measurements


Albedo is an integral part of the atmospheric energy balance and influences both local and global climate. Change in surface albedo acts directly on the Earth’s energy budget and is comparable to the global climate impact of greenhouse gases. Land cover change and the type of present vegetation like for example different types of crops, have a direct influence on the albedo and consequently the climate.


This work is focusing on quantification and assessment of albedo related climate effects for a selection of Swedish bioenergy crops and cropping systems. Further aim is to develop a methodology for land based high resolution albedo measurements that can be used to create an inventory for the albedo of common Swedish land cover types.


The albedo of a selection of important Swedish bioenergy crops and cropping systems is assessed with high resolution measurement technics over a one year period including a whole growing cycle. The global warming potential effects of crop specific albedo values are assessed and compared to climate impacts of green house gases (from fossil fuel, fertilizer usage etc) in the crop cultivation through LCA.


albedo, bioenergy crops, cropping systems, land use change, global warming potential, LCA, climate effects

Project leaders

Per-Anders Hansson, SLU

Other project members

Sepp Böhme, Petra Sieber, Niclas Ericsson, Pernilla Tidåker, SLU