Electricity Market Research Group (EMReG)

The electricity market is currently a hot topic in both Sweden and Europe. The researcher in this area is expected to have an advanced knowledge in Electrical Engineering, Economics and Applied Mathematics. This interdisciplinary nature provides a dynamic and interesting platform for researchers to interact.

The goal is to provide solutions to the existing challenges in electricity markets. We can distinguish two broad categories for our works.

(1) Developing mathematical models to analyze the market operation and (2) Proposing new market designs.

The mathematical models play a key role in electricity market literature. We use the full spectrum of mathematical techniques. This includes (but not limited to) statistics, optimization theory and equilibrium modeling.

Electricity markets, applied mathematics

Research Group

Project leader
Dr Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh (Docent – Associate Prof.), KTH

Other project members

PhD Students: Othmane Mazhar, Ehsan Davari Nejad, Zhao Yuan, Anna Grigoryeva, Ekaterina Moiseeva, Mahir Sarfati

MSc Students: Juliette Lesturgie, Théobald Le Louarn

Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems, EMReG, KTH

Links and References

The full details are available at www.hesamzadeh.com

The full list of papers and links can be found at:


Additional funding (apart from StandUp for Energy)

ELFORSK, EFORIS, Market Design Research Program, SweGRID, ABB, Vattenfall