Citizens Communication Platform - LocalLife

LocalLife aims to enable the bottom-up, citizen-oriented smart city, and is a local social network for residents of a community, founded in 2015 as a result of a collaboration project funded by Vinnova, called Smart City SRS. Current smart city solutions work better on a city and infrastructure level, but are less successful on an individual level as they don’t address the particular needs of the citizens.

The goal is to put the citizens in focus of the smart city by enabling them to organise themselves, communicate and share information and things with each other. By doing so the project has an opportunity to overcome the citizen engagement barrier.

By beginning with the needs of residents in local communities LocalLife aims to increase local social capital and resource conservation.

LocalLife connects the physical space with the digital space and acts as a secure local infrastructure with verified users on three levels – property/housing society, neighbourhood and local community. This infrastructure allows integration of sustainable third party interaction such as energy utilities and sharing economy services.

Research Group


Project leader
Dr. Hossein Shahrokni (postdoc)

Other project members

Researchers:, Olga Kordas, Susanna Elfors

PhD Students: Aram Mäkivierikko

Dept. of Industrial Ecology, KTH

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