Sustainable electric power systems


Moving towards carbon-neutral society, future power systems will have high penetration of renewables and power electronics, as well as digitalization as the key enabler. However, there are many challenges to be addressed. The high penetration of renewable energy sources will cause the risk of grid instability and vulnerability due to the intermittent fluctuations. The high penetration of power electronic converters will cause the stability issue due to strong interaction behaviors and low inertia, and the reliability issue due to the vulnerable power electronic devices. Also, with the digitalization, future power systems are cyber-physical systems with the sophisticated control and communication network, which may suffer the threat of cybersecurity. Considering the importance of power systems to the society, it is significantly important to address these challenges and develop a resilient, stable and reliable power system.


Our goals are to develop advanced modeling, control and analysis tools for resilient, stable and reliable operation of sustainable power systems with high penetration of renewables and power electronic converters. The overall target is to design a cost-effective, secure and 100% renewable energy system for the future climate-neutral society.


The research work will be achieved by a combination of automatic control, digital technologies, machine learning algorithms as well as the power system and power electronics domain knowledge. It consists of a digital twin model for real-time asset monitoring and anomaly detection, a module-based systematic stability assessment tool considering dynamics of power electronics, a hierarchical reliability assessment tool considering physics-of-failure characteristics of power electronics, advanced control strategies for smart converters for stabilizing the system, and a multi-timescale optimization algorithm to maximize the overall performance with smart converters. The developed works will be verified and demonstrated in the smart microgrid laboratory at KTH.


Sustainable power system, power electronic converters, stability, reliability, security, digitalization


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Project leaders

Qianwen Xu. Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems, PSOC, KTH

Other project members

Yizhou Lu and Mengfan Zhang at the Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems, PSOC, KTH


Sustainable electric power system