Smart Grid

One of the largest challenges of today’s society is how to guarantee the energy demand in the future in a safe and sustainable way. One of the key issues for this is to have a reliable and efficient power system in all levels. The research within the area is focused on studying the power conversion system connecting renewable energy sources (as wave power, marine current power and wind power) to the grid. Both the power system and different key components are studied. Moreover, the power from a renewable energy system will vary depending on the source and the system layout. The knowledge about this variations and how to plan for implementing more power from renewables is important for the function and control for the future grid.

The use of power electronics in the grid has, and will continue to, increase sharply. Their control, reliability, efficiency and choice of material in the semiconductor is of great interest for future studies. 

Our goals are to develop sustainable and efficient power system solutions for the grid and for the energy production.

We are attempting to approach all our projects from a holistic perspective and the process ideally (if possible) includes; background analysis of the area, analytical calculations and simulations, laboratory experiments and full-scale experiments. The research within the smart grid at Uppsala University is divided into several areas: power systems to renewable energy, implementation of renewable energy to the power system (power variability, renewable energy system modelling), power converter topology and control, and diamond electronics.     


Renewable energy power systems, power electronics, power system analysis and control, converter topologies, variability analysis, renewable energy integration, reliability analysis and diagnostics, diamond electronics.

Research Group

Project leaders
Prof. Jan Isberg

Doc. Mikael Bergkvist

Other project members

Cecilia Boström

Markus Gabrysch

Deepak Soman

Johan Forslund

Janaina Goncalves de Oliveira

Venu Kurupath

Saman Majdi

Arvind Parwal

Morgan Rossander

Nattakarn Sundtornwipat

Olle Svensson

Department of Engineering Sciences, Division of Electricity, Uppsala University

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Swedish Energy Agency

Seabased Industry AB



J. Gust Ritchers

Carl Tryggers stiftelse