About us and our organisation

STandUP for Energy is a collaboration initiative between Uppsala University, The Royal Institute of Technology, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Luleå University of Technology. It arose as a result of  the Government’s commitment to high quality research in areas of strategic importance to society and the business sector


A long-term sustainable energy supply is one of the greatest global challenges in the next decades. The groups within STandUP envision a future society that is provided with renewable, highly reliable and cost-efficient energy for all its residential, commercial, transportation and industrial needs.  If large-scale provision of electricity from renewable sources is to become a reality, it is imperative that new and existing technologies are developed.

The overriding aims of the STandUP partnership are to reduce the costs of large-scale production of renewable and environmentally sustainable electricity delivered to the consumer, as well as to develop more cost-effective and energy efficient hybrid and electrical vehicles. The technical developments have to be addressed from a systems perspective, integrating issues such as environmental and social impact of new technologies. This systems approach will pervade in all the research and development efforts, by focusing on sustainable technologies that benefit society and that can be readily implemented in industry.

STandUP for Energy is unique in scope, size and strength. It brings together leading research groups to address some of today’s most critical energy problems. Given the global challenges of climate change and of transfer and adjustment to a sustainable energy supply system, it is essential that university and industry work in close collaboration. Together we can achieve the ambitious national and global targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the use of renewable energy to secure a sustainable energy supply.