Power System Management and related information exchange – PSMIX

The transformation to a sustainable energy system introduces new challenges to the electric power system in the form of less predictable production and more flexible consumption. The non-dispatchable wind and solar power that replaces traditional fossil and nuclear plants taken together with new load profiles introduced by electric vehicle charging and residential PV and storage is challenging traditionally stable and reliable power systems. At the same time, society is being digitalized at an increasing rate, offering both challenges and opportunities for the transformation of the power system. Studies of the interaction of power system development and requirements together with opportunities and risks of increased dependence on information and communication systems is at the core of the project.

The overall aim of the project is to develop robust and secure control and automation systems for electric power systems with high levels of penetration of renewable flexible loads.

The work is done as a combination of analytical approaches to develop stable control systems as well as applied work in developing co-simulation environments in order to allow studies of larger systems and also include power system as well as communication and computing platforms in the studies.

Cyberphysical systems, power systems, communication systems, control system, automation, smart grids

Research Group

Project leader
Lars Nordström

Other project members

Claes Sandels

Fabian Hohn

Tin Rabuzin

Kaveh Paridari

Mikel Armendariz

Wu Yiming

Daniel Brodén

Muhammad Talal Khan

Nicholas Honeth

Davood Babazadeh

Department of Electric Power and Energy Systems, PSOC, KTH

Additional funding (apart from StandUp for Energy)

Swegrids centre including Energy Agency, Svenska Kraftnät, ABB and Vattenfall ; EU H2020 and FP6.