Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016

The IEA and Nordic Energy Research launched Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives 2016‌ with a first event on 23 May in Stockholm. To sign up to one of the other launch events or order a free hard copy of the report, visit

‌‌Based on the scenarios and analysis of Energy Technology Perspectives, the Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives series assesses how the Nordic region can achieve a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050. This study marks the second edition of the series.

Nordic governments can compare their national climate goals with the contribution required of them in the 2°C world described in Energy Technology Perspectives 2016. The analysis evaluates the region from an external perspective and points to the important role of the Nordic energy system in facilitating the decarbonisation of Europe.

Nordic Energy Research is an intergovernmental organisation supporting and co-ordinating sustainable energy research in the Nordic region.