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The transport sector is responsible for a large part of Sweden’s emissions of CO2, with the corresponding climatic impact. Presently, a change towards electrified mobility is underway, which will affect the whole transportation systems including (but not limited to) cars, trucks, ships, and airplanes.

At the division of electricity, we have conducted research in electric propulsion systems for a long time. Our research has a special focus on grid integration and charging infrastructure, but we also devote ourselves to system studies of entire drivelines and more specific research on, for example, material selection in electrical machines. We have collaborations with several different companies and are involved in projects focused on electrification for different types of transportation. We are also involved in a collaborative project on electric airplanes: ELISE – Electric Aviation in Sweden.

Energy storage is one of the main challenges in some of the current trending areas in science and engineering such as electric vehicles and smart grids. Flywheel energy storage is a technology that we are researching, both for individual vehicles and for grid applications.


Investigating and developing new technical solutions facilitating the implementation of all-electric propulsion systems. This includes new ways of storing energy, new and more efficient drivelines as well as pushing the limits on the design of electric motors.


The aims are fulfilled by both theoretical as well as experimental work on the design of the electric machine, optimized power electronics, complete drivelines for different types of vehicles as well as gri integration of electric vehicles. A good knowledge of the complete propulsion system is required, as well as detailed knowledge about the individual components such as the electric machine, power electronics and control theory.

The group is active in dissemination of results and collaborations. The Swedish Electromobility Center (SEC) is a meeting point between main research groups and vehicle manufacturers in Sweden.

Project members

Professor Mats Leijon

Professor Sandra Eriksson
Professor Hans Bernhoff
Doc. Juan de Santiago
Doc. Cecilia Boström
Doc. Karin Thomas
Dr. Janaina Goncalves de Oliveira1

Dr. Jennifer Leijon
Dr. Mauritz Andersson

Doktorand Christoffer Aalhuizen
Doktorand Marcelo Dias da Silva

Division of Electricity, Uppsala University
1Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil.


Links and references

Link to the Department of Electrical Engineerings webpage about All-Electric Propulsion Systems