The StandUp Collaboration and the future of the Strategic Research Areas
Kristina Edström, Director of StandUp for Energy

Towards a fossil-free transportation
Integrated transport research
Mikael Nybacka, KTH
Towards compact integrated electric drives for automotive traction applications
Oskar Wallmark, KTH
EV Batteries – challenges for power, capacity, lifetime, cost and sustainability
Daniel Brandell, UU

Keynote lecture
A fossil-free Sweden

Svante Axelsson, Coordinator of the governmental initiative “Fossil-free Sweden”

The electricity consumer
Modeling end-user behavior for electricity demand simulations

Joakim Widén, UU
Energy consciousness: Can we measure such a construct and how to go about it
Britt Stikvoort, UU & STUNS (collaboration)
Where and when to charge? User studies in EV range support
Cristian Bogdan, KTH

Renewable electricity & sustainability
Hydropower – Fish and Flexibility
Fredrik Engström, LTU
Increased biobased power production optimising climate effects in a landscape perspective

Torun Hammar, SLU
Windpower – an essential piece of the renewable energy supply puzzle
Sven-Erik Thor, Chairman of StandUp for Wind
How many solar cell research areas merge into one
Lars Kloo, KTH

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