Energy Systems

Environmental impact assessment – A major expansion of renewable energy from biomass calls for new tools for limiting the environmental impact of intensive harvesting systems. Presently about 25 per cent of the energy supply in Sweden is from biomass, predominantly from conventional forestry. Decisions regarding forest energy supply will thus have a profound impact on the energy system. Our goal is to develop tools for planning and decision making that integrate data from environmental databases with scientific knowledge of environmental consequences of intensive harvesting. This expert system will be developed in collaboration with The Forest Research Institute (Skogforsk).

Systems shifts and systems interactions – Efficient and sustainable energy solutions demand the understanding of the interaction between society, various infrastructure systems and the natural environment. Conflicts regarding e.g water use and river management, will arise as the use of new renewable energy sources increases. Energy systems are likely to evolve differently in different countries. Understanding technological path development is important for Swedish industries when seizing market opportunities in different countries.