Increasing the Value of Hydropower Through Increased Flexibility – CANCELLED

— This workshop will be rescheduled to be held in the fall —

During this workshop, hosted by the Swedish Hydropower Center, SVC, and Hydroflex, researchers will present the latest results from the HydroFlex. The project aims towards scientific and technological solutions that enable hydropower to operate with high flexibility in order to utilize full power and storage capabilities.

On the 23rd of April HydroFlex will present its progress towards creating an environmental, social and technical basis for successful future industrial developments addressing key bottlenecks of hydropower units that limits their flexibility. During the workshop the future of Norwegian and Swedish hydropower in the European energy system will be discussed based on the following topics:

  • Future flexibility requirements
  • Flexibility of turbines
  • Flexibility of the generator and converter
  • Environmental impacts and their mitigation

The workshop will conclude with a tour of Ångströmslaboratoriet.

For more information:

Date & Time

23rd of April 2020


Uppsala, Sweden