StandUp Academy Poster

General information

  • Maximum poster size is A0, portrait orientation.
  • You can find the STandUp logo and a poster template here.
  • Remember that the StandUp Academy is multidisciplinary so make your posters interesting for everybody!
  • There will be a prize for the best StandUp poster.

Criteria for Best Poster

  • Visual impression and layout
    Easy to read, clear and simple, limited amount of text, logical layout
  • Clarity of the message
    Focus on the ”take-home” message. Aims and objectives clearly stated, methods and results explained at an appropriate level of detail, conclusions that reflect the aims.
  • Scientific content
    Should be adapted to a broad audience of experts and interested non-experts.

Tips for a good poster
* Use a journalistic approach: most important information first and more enhanced.
* Clear and simple layout.
* Select font, text size, colors and graphics for good readability at a distance.
* Provide context for your work. Explain the big picture and why the problem is important.
* Spell out acronyms and define technical terms.
* Interpret your findings so that audience with different backgrounds can understand how your work helps solve the problem you’ve described.
* Use a handout for the details and longer descriptions.