Research for an energy system of the future

StandUp for Energy brings together leading research groups to address some of today’s most critical energy problems. The global challenges of climate change and the transition to a sustainable energy supply system requires that university, industry and enterprise, and society work in close collaboration.

Our research includes new knowledge and technology that, in the short or medium term, can increase the amount of renewable electricity production and its integration in the electricity net, as well as a systems perspective. The research covers questions about the impact of considerably increasing the amount of intermittent electricity and how transmission and distribution nets can accommodate this increase. It includes the study of hydropower as a regulating resource. Our research treats both technical and non-technical questions, such as systems perspectives for the sustainable use of resources, the interaction of different systems with each other, the electricity market, laws and incentives, and consumer behavior.

Electric drives for commercial electromobility is also part of StandUp’s research portfolio. This area includes several disciplines, such as batteries, electric motor technology, power electronics, control systems, interaction with the electric grid and consumer perspectives.

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